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The only one of our benches with a licence to kill, the James Bond BookBench is proudly sponsored by Ian Fleming Publications. The company keep the Bond name alive, ensuring the mystery and glamour ripples through to more generations with new stories for different ages.  

Suave and sophisticated, this BookBench will draw you into the world of James Bond, Secret Agent, and lead you to begin your own mission to discover and rediscover the many twists and turns of life with 007.

Ian Fleming Publications Ltd looks after the literary James Bond brand. The company's aim is to make Ian Fleming's books available worldwide and keep the brand alive through new stories.

James Bond and 007 are registered trademarks of Danjaq LLC, used under licence by Ian Fleming Publications Ltd.

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Bond book giveaway
Tuesday the 12th August, 2014
This BookBench is on the Bloomsbury Trail



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