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Artist Andrea Joseph took inspiration from one of her favourite books growing up to create a BookBench that represents a love of reading. Andrea says: “Back in the day, like many other kid of the 1980s, I was obsessed with Adrian Mole. A while ago I reread the books and they were still as funny and brilliant as when I first read them. I've grown up with the character and loved everything about him, from his political views (fiercely anti-Thatcher) and his burning desire to lead the life less ordinary.”

Sue Townsend’s popular Adrian Mole series appeals to many readers as a realistic and humorous treatment of the inner life of an adolescent boy. The books also captured something of the zeitgeist of the UK during the Thatcher period. We hope this BookBench depicting such a love of reading inspires young people to get lost in a great book this summer!

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Andrea Joseph

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