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Ben Saunders talks about his Scott Expedition

Friday the 5th September, 2014

Polar explorer Ben Saunders will be talking about his Scott Expedition in a special talk on 5 September at the National Maritime Museum to celebrate the BookBench inspired by Captain Scott’s Autobiography. 

Ben retraced Captain Scott's ill-fated Terra Nova expedition in a round-trip from the coast of Antarctica to the South Pole and back again. He will be recounting all the exciting details from his trip at this exclusive event.

From 2pm-3pm will hold a talk in the Lecture Theatre where he will be answering all your questions about the challenging expedition. 

Afterwards, from 3pm-4pm, visitors will be given the rare chance to view manuscripts on polar exploration in the Propeller Space, led by Tracey Weller.

Not forgetting our fabulous Captain Scott’s Autobiography BookBench, which is on the Greenwich Trail. Overall, it will be an event not miss! 

You can purchase tickets for the event via the Royal Museums Greenwich website here. 

Plus, you could own this amazing bench. Our benches will be auctioned on 7 October to raise funds for our work helping to improve levels of children's literacy. Click here to read more about the auction.

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