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Young BookBench enthusiasts share their stories

Thursday the 28th August, 2014

Since launching Books about Town on July 2 we have had an overwhelming response to the BookBenches.

We love hearing your stories about your experiences on the book trails.

One particular story was too sweet not to share:

Hi Books about Town,

We wanted to write to tell you we have had the most fun finding the Books about Town benches, we have found 35 out of the 50 and it really has made our summer holiday as we have looked forward to exploring places we may not normally go to whilst looking out for the benches.

When we spot a bench we are filled with excitement and we run as fast as we can looking forward to looking closely at the painting and of course having a quick sit down and a photo.

Our favourite benches were Cat in the Hat and The Gruffalo, but they all made us smile.

Thank you,

Scarlett Sheppard, age 10, and Lulu Sheppard, age 6.

Remember, you could own one of our unique BookBenches. Our auction takes place on October 7, more information here.